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The AMP Changency delivers tailored solutions to support your organisation respond holistically to the workforce impacts of sexual harassment, domestic violence and family abuse.

We know what needs to be done and guide you through the process. Expertise in gender mainstreaming means we are able address your practical and strategic needs to reduce violence, improve performance, and attract the right people for cultural fit.

Unlike other services, we do not give you a checklist and expect you to do all the work. We start by understanding who you are, where you’re at, and what you want to achieve, working collaboratively towards realizing change in lock step with your diversity and inclusion agenda and business priorities.

Your business directly benefits:

mitigating safety + legal risks | decreasing costs in relation to leave + staff replacement | reducing harm + improving outcomes for staff experiencing abuse | increasing workforce retention + engagement| lower recruitment + training costs | broader reputational benefits by implementing employer of choice practices | creating corporate social responsibility + social impact partnerships | reducing the incidence of violence in the community

How We Can Help

We’ve done the research for you on workplace best practice regarding
sexual, domestic and family violence.
The AMP Changency eases uncertainty around managing workplace responses to these complex issues.

Develop Domestic & Family Violence Policy

Crisis Response & Management

Communications & Sensitive Issue Framing

Education Campaigns & Speakers

Accountability Mate Program

Prepare for White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation

Workplace Gender Strategies

Violence Disclosure Training & Referrals

Policy Review & Evaluations

Workplace Responses to Perpetrators

Social Impact Partnerships

Get Ready For WGEA Reporting

Quality Connections

Complementing our consultancy services, the AMP Changency is a social brokerage allowing us to customize your engagement with peak bodies and front-line services so your organisation is informed by best practice and local knowledge.
Benefit from our relationships with leaders of industry, practitioners, academics, and government. Making trusted connections to meet your organisation’s needs, saving you time & frustration.

What You Can Expect

We’ve streamlined our processes to get you started quickly and easily, whether you’re after a one-off speaking engagement or customized strategy development. We work collaboratively with you to understand who you are, where you’re at, and what you want to achieve.

The AMP Changency recognizes that all organisations are different and require tailored responses to shift them along the gender equality continuum.

Working hand in hand with services who know your community best, we are able to deliver unique programs for your organisation, taking into consideration location and key staff demographics such as gender, age, ability, cultural and linguistic diversity.

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