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The AMP Changency is a specialist management consultancy focused on the human to human interactions that affect your people and business.

A for purpose company, we provide businesses tailored packages of support, from organisational strategy to workplace training and awareness raising events, that help manage and mitigate the workforce impacts of sexual, domestic and family abuse.

Our Mission

To engender an Australian society where men, women and everyone in between, do not use abuse or violence in their intimate, domestic and family relationships, creating safe families and communities for everyone.

The Business Case

In 2018, the Australian Government legislated that all employees (including part-time and casual)
are entitled to 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year.

If you have more than 6 employees or clients, then statistically sexual, domestic and family violence will be impacting your organisation, causing:

increased unplanned + sick leave | work withdrawal + poor performance | loss of staff + recruitment costs | potential for violence in the workplace | constraints on female leadership | reputational risk

The National Retail Association estimates family violence costs their employers and business owner members $1400 each per person impacted. The majority in lost productivity, with victims of domestic abuse absent for approximately 18 days each year.

Conservative estimates put the costs of domestic violence to business at $484 million per annum, increasing to $609 million annually by 2021 if not addressed and reduced. Domestic and family abuse also significantly impacts victim’s capacity to become financially independent and secure. Not addressing the impacts of sexual, domestic and family violence in the workplace is bad for your people, productivity and bottom line.

How your workplace responds could mean the difference between a person staying in a destructive relationship, their life potentially endangered, or being empowered to live free of abuse and contributing fully at work.

What Business Is Saying

“Our young staff often see the managers as confidantes or as adult that they can talk to, so they’re already getting these questions … so this is a way of arming them with tools so they can practically help.”

McDonald’s, Director of People,
Lisa Apthorpe

McDonald’s is training its leaders to recognize and refer staff to get help on a range of issues, including family violence and bullying.

“I think it’s easy for organisations to support people experiencing violence, and that’s the right place to start, but when we want to move to prevention, we need to start looking at how do we create a culture where people are able to know what a respectful relationship looks like.”

Rio Tinto, Social and Engagement Chief Adviser, Rachel Durdin

Rio Tinto became a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace in 2018. More than 1200 staff have received training to help them recognise, respond and refer anyone who discloses violence, including assisting perpetrators seek help.

“It’s a business issue and really does impact employees coming to work, retention, productivity too. In a time when businesses are increasingly tackling social ills as a way to align themselves with workers’ and customers’ ideals, it also makes good business sense.”

National Retail Association, Chief Executive, Dominique Lamb

The National Retail Association is training members on what they can safely do to support staff, recognizing that for many, the workplace may be a rare place of safety, but also a place perpetrators can track down their victims.

Generate Social Impact

Men and women, boys and girls from all backgrounds experience sexual, domestic and family abuse.
We ensure that your workplace can tailor responses to all people experiencing violence, victims as well as perpetrators, regardless of gender.

Yet the high rates of female victims are a barrier to women’s workforce participation
and your business’ ability to improve employee engagement and gender balance.

Violence against women has been identified as one of ten global impact zones requiring intensified action to reach gender parity. Unless we act to reduce violence, it will continue to cost the Australian economy, and your business, $21.7 billion per year, growing to $323.4 billion by 2045.

From speaking engagements through to organisational strategy, we can help you get started on an education campaign
or developing an effective sexual, domestic and family violence policy with confidence.

“Businesses have a powerful role to play to prevent and respond to violence against women, contributing to a future where all women and their children live free from violence, where women are valued, safe and treated as equals. Together, it is possible to empower women to participate fully and safely in economic life, build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. “

Learn about the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

Gender mainstreaming was established as the primary
global strategy for achieving gender equality at the
1995 United Nations Beijing Platform for Action.
Applying this approach to our work supports achieving
the UN Sustainability Development Goals:

Gender Equality – #5
Reduced Inequalities – #10
Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions – #16

As part of the Accountability Matters Project,
80% of the AMP Changency profits go towards research, advocacy and initiatives to reduce men’s use of violence in intimate, domestic and family settings. Facilitating connections between businesses and front line services supports critical work helping people and families in crisis.

Our Team

Our team brings over 50 years experience from public, private and not-for-profit sectors, with expertise in strategy development and evaluation, organisational transformation, gender mainstreaming, violence against women, and violence prevention, including internationally recognized researcher on men, masculinity, and gender equality, Dr Michael Flood.
Our customized solutions mean you receive support from  front line services and peak bodies who know the issues best,
hand picked to deliver what your business needs.

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