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What We Do

The AMP Changency is a specialist consultancy helping businesses, organisations and communities reduce the harm and human costs of sexual, domestic and family abuse.

We work with you to create culture, communities and spaces where people feel safe
to self-seek help in reducing violence and breaking cycles of abuse.

Lula Dembele
C.E.O & Founder

In 2018, the Australian Government legislated that all employees (including part-time and casual)
are entitled to 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year.
Every person seeking leave will be making a workplace disclosure about a traumatic experience
and in need of life changing help.

Is your business ready to respond to staff experiencing abuse?

How We Can Help

We deliver a deeper understanding of
complex issues, assisting you through the grey areas of responding sensitively and responsibly.

Cultural change is not a compliance exercise.
We help you engage with people’s real lived experiences to enable genuine social impact.

We deliver improved well-being and performance through helping people overcome the fears that inhibit living fulfilling lives.

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