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What We Do

The AMP Changency is a specialist consultancy helping business manage
the workforce impacts of sexual, domestic and family violence.

Our focus is twofold, ensuring your organisation can meet the needs of people experiencing abuse to enable recovery, and creating cultures that encourage people using harmful behaviours to seek help,
reducing violence and breaking cycles of abuse.
Structured together, we support your business remove barriers to women’s workforce participation,
improving workplace gender balance.

We believe that by offering businesses informed, sustainable and educational solutions, we can create healthier and more productive environments for men, women, and everyone in between.
It’s time to harness the levers of business to break the patterns of abuse that keep people from
leading empowered lives and contributing fully to society.

Lula Dembele
C.E.O & Founder

In 2018, the Australian Government legislated that all employees (including part-time and casual)
are entitled to 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year.
Every person seeking leave will be making a workplace disclosure about a traumatic experience
and in need of life changing help.

Is your business ready to respond to staff experiencing abuse?

How We Can Help

We deliver a deeper understanding of
complex issues, helping you implement
appropriate policies to support staff,
meet government requirements and
best practice standards.

We provide training and assistance
to businesses navigating how to respond
to staff experiencing, or using,
abuse and violence at home.
We link your business to vetted front-line services hand selected to meet your needs.

We drive social change through workplace practices and impact partnerships,
building thriving cultures that support
inclusion, creativity and innovation.

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